Celine Halioua
Celine Halioua

Hi, I’m Celine.

I am a D.Phil student at Oxford studying the health economics of gene therapy & Chief of Staff to Laura Deming at Longevity Fund.

I studied neuroscience and nanobiotechnology at the University of Texas at Austin and Uppsala Universitet in Sweden. I worked in the laboratories of Dr. Evan Snyder at the Sanford Consortium of Regenerative Medicine on novel enteric neuron disease therapeutics, and of Dr. Richard Morrisett and Dr. Keith Stevenson at The University of Texas at Austin on the development of a novel Ag-nanocluster-based neuronal tracers. 

I am interested in biotechnology, specifically the development of companies tackling the biology of aging. I am also interested in healthcare systems, specifically the application of socialized healthcare practices to the United States and the economic incentivization of preventative and curative medicine.

I go by Celine Halioua, although in reality I actually have six names. All hyphenated. 

My mom is from Rabat, Morocco, my father from Berlin, Germany, and I was born in Austin, Texas. I have studied in Texas, Sweden, Germany, and England. I am not yet sure which place is my home.

You can reach me at celine@longevity.vc


 Twitter: @celinehh94

Instagram: @celineleahh