Celine Halioua
Celine Halioua


Ideas I am currently interested in. I am probably wrong about many/all of these things, but it’s good fun to have opinions and explore them.

My Operating Principles

My PhD Thesis: The Economics of Ocular Gene Therapy

Economic incentivization of preventative and curative medicines

The US healthcare system, with its fragmented payers system, is not structurally incentivized to prioritize the long-term health of individuals as strongly as it naturally is for short-term health benefits. Could we build in a natural incentivization of preventative and curative medicine into our healthcare system, without massive healthcare reform? More broadly, how can we lower the US healthcare providers’ discount rate on health returns from their investment in their patients’ health? How can we better align the desire of patients (to be as healthy as possible for as long as possible, with as few periods of illness as possible) with the desire of payers (generally, to pay out as little as possible per patient).

A new kind of biotech founder

I am curious about how and whether biotech companies could be founded by PhD students, post-docs, not the traditional grey-haired pharmaceutical alum - and if so, what resources would be most valuable to facilitate this?

Better funding models for early stage research